These tools are available for clients with limited dexterity or those who would be unable to use a standard neck or wrist pendant for a PERS in an emergency situation. They are much larger than normal pendants and can activate several PERS options including a standard PERS and cellular PERS.

Touch Plate Switch


The touch switch takes a light tap or touch to activate. It can be mounted to a wall, wheel chair, walker, or any flat surface. To activate, the client can touch the red circle with a finger, elbow, arm, leg, or even a wheel chair to activate the PERS unit. This plate is splash resistant, but not recommended for use INSIDE a shower or bath.

Pillow Switch


The pillow switch is designed to be pinned to a pillow, chair, or sheet and is a good choice for clients with limited fine motor skills or strength. The client can simply roll onto the switch with his/her head or press it with an arm, hand, head, etc.


Candy Corn Proximity Sensor


With the Candy Corn Sensor, the client simply waves a hand, arm, cheek, or other body part close to the switch and it will activate the PERS unit. The switch is designed to attach to a flat service and is a good choice for clients with limited dexterity and motor control.


Sip ‘n Puff Switch


The Sip ‘n Puff Switch can be activated by the client inhaling or exhaling into the straw of this switch using his or her mouth. This switch is designed for quadriplegics or patients that cannot utilize any other type of pendant or adapter to activate a PERS unit. 


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