These devices send a signal upon impact if a client falls to the ground. They generally do not alarm if a client has a slow fall onto a chair or other elevated surface. Fall detectors are recommended for clients with epilepsy or those that lose consciousness when they fall.

Home-Based PERS with Fall Detection 

The iVi Intelligent Pendant with fall detection works with the Tunstall Vi or CEL Personal Emergency Response Systems, replacing the standard personal activator. The iVi features a standard help button, automatic fall detection technology, and a not-worn alert.


Key features

  • Adjustable fall sensitivity is customizable to suit individuals
  • Convenient cancel button enables the wearer to cancel fall activations if assistance is not required, eliminating unnecessary calls
  • Supervised replaceable battery offers low battery alerts and easy maintenance
  • Not-worn alert notifies the Response Center if the device has not registered movement for a specified period of time indicating it may not have been worn. Responsible parties can then follow-up with subscribers to ensure compliance
  • Visual and audio alerts notify and provide reassurance to the user that the iVi has detected a fall



Mobile PERS with Fall Detection

Mobile-Mate is a mobile safety device that allows subscribers to remain active and independent at home or on the go. Mobile-Mate operates on the AT&T™; cellular network and features GPS & LBS technology*, 3-way conferencing, and optional automatic fall detection**. Whether at home, in the garden or on a walk, subscribers can feel secure knowing that help is readily available.

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Key features

  • Simple one-button access immediately connects subscribers to our trained Response Center Operators
  • User-friendly docking station's elegant design lets subscribers know the device is properly docked and can be located next to the bed for charging and easy access to help at night
  • Visual indicators allow easy identification of charging status and network coverage
  • Two-way voice communication allows Response Center Operators to communicate with subscribers via the device
  • Audio messages announce call progress/status messages to subscribers


Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly.