Medication dispensers are designed to provide the right medication at the right time. They have a variety of capacities and different monitoring capabilities. 


MedMinder is a personal medication dispenser with a cloud-based management portal which alerts a caregiver if medications are not taken, medications need to be replaced, or a fault condition exists, such as no power. MedMinder holds up to 28 doses of medication in individual compartments of a tray. It can be personalized to remind the user to take their medications at the correct time and only allows the medication compartments to be opened at the designated time. When the reminder is issued, the compartment lights up and the flap covering the compartment can be opened to remove the pill holder.


Key features

  • Simple, user friendly design provides easy access to medication at the correct time.
  • Customized Greetings can be recorded by family or caregiver to provide a familiar and friendly voice for reminders such as: doctor's appointments, birthday wishes, and other important events.
  • Live and Remote Programming capability allows easy options for updating operation.
  • Customized visual and audio reminders increase adherence.
  • Unit can be programmed to blink, beep, or play customized messages. If the user does not respond they will receive a phone call. If there is no response, the family or caregiver are notified by phone, email, or text message.
  • Large capacity organizer can hold 7 days/28 units.
  • Cellular connection* requires no traditional landline.
  • Pharmacists, caregivers, or family members can pre-fill the tray unit.
  • Compartments are locked and only the specified compartment will unlock at the pre-programmed time.


MedSmart is a personalized adherence device that organizes, reminds, and dispenses medications so they are taken properly and on-time.


Key features

  • Easy fill med-trays with 29 compartments and lid for pharmacist, caregiver, or health care provider
  • Entire unit is portable and can be taken with you on day trips
  • Back-up battery for continued operation in the event of a power outage
  • Early dose button allows doses to be accessed early to be taken while not at home
  • Large digital display and programming buttons let subscribers easily view time, date, next alarm, and doses left information
  • Tamper proof lock prevents system tampering and medication misuse


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