These products are monitored locally in the home by family or dedicated caregivers. They are intended to prevent the patient from entering or leaving an area unnoticed. This equipment is not connected to a 24/7 call center and only raises an alarm inside the home.

Door Sensor and Pager


This infrared sensor mounts on a door frame or wall and will send a signal to a small pager worn by a caregiver inside the home. If the patient crosses the beam produced by the sensor, the caregiver is alerted and can check on the patient. Can be used bedside, in doorways, windows, or restrooms. 1 year warranty.

Floor Mat (24” x 48”) with Monitor


The weight-sensing floor mat triggers a monitor when a 25 lb or greater weight is placed on the floor mat. These may be used at the bedside, hallway, or a doorway to alert a caregiver when a patient gets out of bed, enters, or exits a particular area.The mat is made of heavy duty, soft vinyl and is moisture sealed for durability. 1 year warranty.

Cordless Chair Pad with Monitor


Weight-sensitive pressure pads are connected (wirelessly) to a monitor which can be attached to a wall or door, or can be moved around the home as needed by a caregiver. The pressure pad will trigger the monitor when weight is removed from it as the patient gets up from the bed or chair.

These pressure pads are not intended to be folded or used in wet environments or underneath patients with incontinence. Pads expire after one year and must be replaced.

Chair Pads measure approximately 10”x15”

Cordless Bed Pad with Monitor


Bed Pads are available in 2 sizes: 20”x30” or a narrower 10”x30”



Every 2.5 seconds a person over 65 years of age falls.